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RaidenMAILD features

Main screen

Server settings (IP / Domain / Anti-Spam)

User management (Add user / Modify / Delete)

IP restriction (IP Allow / IP Deny)

Filters (Subject / Content RAW data/ Attachment)

Service Installer (  Install service to system )

Explanation for YYYYMMDD.log file (.log format description)

Log analyzer ( Generate monthly lists and charts)

Web Remote Control ( Modify server settings / add users..etc via browser)

Webmail ( Read / write mail via browser )

Templates ( Explanation for files under \templates directory)

Online registration ( Apply an account via browser )

Firewall ( Block malicious IP)

Mailcious IP Collecter ( Collect malicious IP to deny list )

Mass Mailing Master (Bulk mailing) *ultimate only

RaidenShare (Cloud Drive) *ultimate only

Mail Auditing *ultimate only

Tips ( Avoid incorrect settings to become open relay..etc)

Advanced usage ( Explainations for user file format )

Knowledge Base ( Various tutorial documents)


Trial version restrictions:

1. User account is up to 5.

2. SMTP&POP3 setting is unable to modify.








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