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- Description for template files -


There are many template files under \templates directory. Admin could customize the templates at will.

The description for these files:

appendmsg.html - The html content to append to mail footer.

appendmsg.txt - The text content to append to mail footer.

appendtopmsg.html - The html content to append to mail header.

appendtopmsg.txt - The text content to append to mail header.

changepasswordresult.html - The result page of change password mail.

InteractiveSenderVerification.html - The mail template for Interactive Sender Verification.

left.html - The left frame of webmail.

listmail.html - The frame page of webmail.

login.html - WebMail login page

logout.html - WebMail logout page

passwordmail.html - The mail templates for user to change password.

registerfailed.html - The register failed page for online registration.

registerform.html - The register form page for online registration.

registerok.html - The register successful page for online registration.

registerqueryform.html - The query form for online registration status.

registerstatus.html - The query result page for online registration.

requestpasswordmail.html - The result page for request password reset mail.

requestpasswordmailform.html - The request form page for request password reset mail.

right.html - The right frame of webmail.

spammaillist.html - The mail template for daily spam mail list report mail.

top.html - The top frame of webmail.

verificationresult.html - The result page for Interactive Sender Verification.

welcomemail.html - The mail template for welcome mail.




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