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- Description for log file -


There are several log types in raidenmaild. One of them is *.log. These *.log files are for log analyzer to generate list and chart.


<DateTime> <Protocol> <From IP> <Message Type> [<Detail>]

Message Types:

CN - Connect

DC - DisConnect

LI - LogIn

LO - LogOut

SS - Send Successfully

RS - Resend Successfully

SF - Send Failed

ER - ERror

RV - ReceiVe

NM - New Mail arrived

DN - DeNy connection

XB - treat as spam mail by SBL-XBL

SB - treat as spam mail by SORBS

MB - treat as spam mail by DSBL RBL

RC - treat as spam mail by REVERSE

SR - treat as spam mail by Subject Filter

CR - treat as spam mail by Content Filter

AR - treat as spam mail by Attachment Filter




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