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1. User file format explanations

The RaidenMAILD user file is users.cfg in the program directory. There are many lines in the file, each line is each user's data.

The user data format is

Account;Full Name;Domain Name;Mailbox quota;Password encode type;Password;Auto-forwarding Mail address;Backup account;Auto-reply flag;inactivate flag;last login time;Flag of Deleting mail after forwarding;Flag of User VIP; Flag of UseWebmail; User ICQ Number; Flag of permission to use new mail notification; Flag of using new mail notification; Flag of permission to use [POP] command; Flag of permission to use [GET] command;User's cellular phone number;Flag of permission to use ICQ SMS;Flag of user enabled ICQ SMS or not;Create date;Flag of enable expiration date checking;Expiration date;Flag of Account never expires

Column descriptions :

Domain Name : The default value is "Local Domain". It means your default Domain name in the Domain Name List.

Mailbox quota : The unit is MB. "0" means unlimited mailbox quota.

Password encode type : "0" - RaidenMAILD specific hashed password, "1" - Plain text password, "2" - BASE64 encoded password, "3" - AD user, "4" - MD5 hashed password, "5" - Temporary password, "100" - no password needed.

Auto-forwarding mail address : This field lets users to specify which email addresses need to forward to.

Backup account : While this mailbox receives a mail, the mail will backup one copy to this backup account mailbox.

Auto-reply flag : "1" - enabled, "0" is disabled.

Inactivate flag : "1" - inactivate, "0" is normal.

Last login time : user last login time.

Flag of Delete mail after forwarding : Delete original mail after forwarding in original mailbox. "1" - delete; "0" - not delete.

Flag of User VIP : User VIP , "0" - not VIP, "1" - VIP.

Flag of UseWebmail : Permission to use webmail, "1" - enabled, "0" - disabled.

User ICQ Number : User's icq number.

Flag of permission to use new mail notification : permission to use new mail notification via ICQ, "1" - enabled, "0" - disabled.

Flag of using new mail notification : user decide to receive new mail notification or not, "1" - enabled, "0" - disabled.

Flag of permission to use [POP] command : permission to use [POP] command via ICQ, "1" - enabled, "0" - disabled.

Flag of permission to use [GET] command : permission to use [GET] command via ICQ, "1" - enabled, "0" - disabled.

User's cellular phone number : User's cellular phone number ( including country code), ex: +8860930123456

Flag of permission to use ICQ SMS : permission to use ICQ SMS via ICQ, "1" - enabled, "0" - disabled.

Flag of user enabled ICQ SMS or not : user enabled the ICQ SMS or not, "1" - enabled, "0" - disabled.

Create date : the Creation Date of user account.

Enable expiration date checking : enable the checking for expiration date of user mailbox.

Expiration date : the Expiration Date of user account.

Flag of Account never expires : Account never expires for those date checking. 1 is enabled, 0 is disabled.


Manual modification example:

If I want to add a user. His account is "test", full name is "test chen", mailbox quota is "10" MB, password is "1234", so I add one line below to users.cfg.

test;test chen;Local Domain;10;1;1234

Thus, based on this way, you may batch to create large amount user data.



2. What is Event Processor? How to setup it?

Event Processor is a processor when mail is received by RaidenMAILD. You can configurate the condition for SUBJECT, SENDER, RECEIVER, if the condition matched, then activate the relative action (including executable files, vb scripts, php files, batch files). It may help you to delete mail file, move file, execute a program with some variables...etc.

You could find some integrations based on event processor.


3. User database

After RaidenMAILD, it already supported user database integrated function. Maild allows you to convert user list between users.cfg (TEXT mode user list) and userdb (DB mode user list). You also have more possibilities to integrated the user account to any system if you like. Current tables are :

(1) usertable : It is as the same as users.cfg format.

(2) serveractions : For performance issue, raidenmaild only loaded user list once at the start. It checked users info in memory and only wrote data back to database while user info was changed. Therefore, you will find it will ignore the data you directly modified the usertable. At the moment, serveractions table is a key for you to request server to do the loading. Just turn on the serveractionvalue from 0 to 1 for serveractionname "reloaduserlist", maild will checked the table to do corresponding action if its flag is changed to be 1.

PS: All database table script files are in <raidenmaild>\table_scripts directory.


4. OH! I forgot my password!! How should I do?

First of all, user needs to setup his question & answer on webmail, after having this setting, user could request system to send him password reset mail to change his password.

(1) Admin need to customize four templates in \templates directory.

requestpasswordmailform.html ( request form )
requestpasswordmail.html ( request status )
passwordmail.html ( password mail )
changepasswordresult.html ( change password result )

※ The variables are already in these sample templates, please use text editor to modify them if needed.

(2) Admin needs to enable "Allow user to change password " in [WEB/ICQ setup].





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