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- Main screen -


Main screen



1) There are 10 buttons on the top of main screen


Start SMTP/POP3 services.


Stop SMTP/POP3 service.

User Management

Add user / delete user / modify user / mail list account / alias email.

Server settings

There are many server config here such as basic, domain, resend, log, smtp&pop3, multipop, anti-spam, preference.

Web/ICQ/MSN setup

Web Admin / Web Mail / ICQ Center / MSN Center.

Status viewer

There are several viewers here such as sending threads, smtp and pop3 connections, user mailbox status, queued mail list.

Start resend mechanism manually

This button will start resend mechanism immediately.

Log analyzer

This tool will analyze the history log (*.log) to generate the statistics report and draw the chart.


The document you are reading now.


Terminate RaidenMAILD mail server. The all services will stop when you exit program.



2) Status bar from left to right are:

SMTP Server status

The status of SMTP Server.

POP3 Server status

The status of POP3 Server.

SMTP connection/thread

SMTP connection means the incoming connection amount of SMTP server.
SMTP thread means the outgoing connection amount of SMTP server.

POP3 connection/webmail

POP connection means the active connection amount of POP server.
webmail means the active connection amount of webmail server.



3) Stick progress from left to right are:

SMTP receiving progress (incoming connections)

SMTP sending progress (outgoing connections)

POP3 sending progress (retrieve mail)




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