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There are 4 filters. They are Subject, Content(RAW DATA), attachment, other(Future date).



With these filters, you could :

1) Find those denied subject mail
2) Find those denied content mail ( most are characteristics in raw data)
3) Find those denied attachment extensions
4) Find those mail declare it send at future date


Specific procedure

You could specify any criterion to do specific procedure, the procedures are corresponding to these [0]~[3] options below.


Using PCRE comparison

You could add PCRE criterion to do comparison in subject, content filters. Please refer to PCRE offifical site for more details.


Invert result

If a criterion has invert result mark, it will invert the result.

For example, if you have an invert result criterion in content filters:


Suppose a legitimate mail should has Date: info in its header, thus, any mail without "Date:" in content (raw data) will be treated as spam mail.


Mail procedure

  • [0] Delete it directly : Delete those mails which detected by filters.
  • [1] Mark warning string to subject : Mark a warning string to subject, the mail will still be saved to user mailbox.
  • [2] Move it to another account mailbox : Move mail to another backup mailbox.
  • [3] Save it to user's unsolicited folder : Move mail to user's unsolicited folder. User needs to log on webmail to check these spam mails.






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