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Admin could connect to web remote control to add/delete user and modify server settings.


RC Center IP

The IP Address is the same as POP3 server.

RC Center Port

The port of remote control, default is 7777

Admin ID & Password

Admin could setup the admin ID & Password here.

First Page name

Admin could give first page a name, default value is empty.

RaidenMAILD Http Interface

The RMHI is an API interface works on HTTP Protocol. It allows other computer to query / update / add user data, or even check allowed IP List for SSO feature. If you would like to allow a computer to use the RMHI, you should add its IP into your allowed list first. Besides, if you have another maild to be SSO server to query, you need specify another RMHI IP:PORT in the SSO field.


PS1: What is SSO?

SSO stands for "Single Sign-On". It allows user to use multiple variant services with only one-time login.


PS2: What is RMHI SSO for?

RMHI provides a SSO query function for mailds to check if an IP address is being allowed or not. Take MAILD_A & MAILD_B for an example. If MAILD_A + NAVGW + MAILD_B is your mail server infrastructure, you may need to login POP3 in MAILD_B but would like to send a mail via MAILD_A. In this case, MAILD_A will not allow you to send mail because you did not login POP3 service in MAILD_A.

How to solve this problem? You need to set MAILD_B to allow MAILD_A to use RMHI and set MAILD_B_RMHIIP:MAILD_B_RMHIPORT to be MAILD_A's SSO server to query . Therefore, first of all, you need to login MAILD_B's POP3 server before you want to send mail via MAILD_A. If the IP is not allowed in MAILD_A, then the MAILD_A will do SSO query to ask MAILD_B whether or not the IP is allowed.


How do I connect to the Remote Control ?

The Url syntax is :

http:// [RC IP Address] : [RC PORT]/[FIRST PAGE NAME]

For example :






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