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- Malicious IP Collector -


The malicious IP collector will record any malicious action and count them. It could determine which IP Address needs to be denied.


There are 2 kinds of level to do IP collection, for single IP address and for class C range. Admin also could determine which action should be treated as malicious action and how to deal with it. There are 3 types of method to deal with these IP addresses: (1) Add to IP Deny List (2) Add to firewall to block it (3) Add it to external file for reference usage.

(1) IP Deny List: The file is ipdenylist.cfg , raidenmaild will load latest ipdenylist.cfg automatically.

(2) Firewall: The file is ipfw.cfg, raidenmaild will load latest ipfw.cfg to take effect every one hour.

(3) External file: Collection only for reference usage. If you already have firewall software, you could refer this file to block them.






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