Mail Auditing

With mail auditing, administrator could configure user_A's outgoing mails need to audited by user_B. User_B needs to audit these mails on webmail to let them sending to outside domain or reject to original sender with reasons. Mail Auditing is only for ultimate version.


1. You could find setup panel in [Main menu] -> [Setup] -> [Mail Auditing]


2. Administrator could configure user_B to be audit account of user_A.


3. Then when user_A sends outgoing mails, the mails will store to audit account user_B and user_B could audit these mails on webmail.


4. User_B could make these mails audit passed or rejected.


5. After user_B done auditing, system will generate a report mail in both of user_A and user_B.


6. The report contains some important informations about auditing action, such as:

The explanation of each fields:

[Result] [Which account accepts report ] [Mail Subject] [Mail DateTime ] was audited by [Auditing Account] at [Auditing DateTime]


7. When audit accout is configured, the mails are no longer be sent automatically as usual. Therefore, audit account needs to audit frequently to maintain mail sending efficiently. System also provide auto auditing mechanism to help mails sending out on time. you could find specific configuration in Webmail config.






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