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Online registration could provide visitors to apply account via browser.


Not passed list

This list shows the users who were already registered but not confirmed yet by admin.

Passed list

This list shows the users who were registered and already confirmed.


The admin can reject a user who is not qualified and give him a reason, user could query register status via registerqueryform.html on webmail.


Deletes the account.

Confirm Method

Online registration disabled - Disable online registration

Manual - confirm a register request manually.

Automatic - confirm a register request automatically

Available account registration per hour - How many accounts for visitor to register per hour.


How to connect to online registration page?

The url is:

(Request form)
http://[WEBMAIL IP]:[WEBMAIL PORT]/registerform.html

(Query form)
http://[WEBMAIL IP]:[WEBMAIL PORT]/registerqueryform.html

For example :








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