If you have any question or suggestion about RaidenMAILD, please send mail to :

Because of thousands of spam mails and many feedback mails rush in everyday, please use keyword "raidenmaild" in your subject and we will reply your e-mail as soon as possible.


*Suggestions for reporting questions to us.

In order to solve a problem quickly, we need you to provide us as many as information you got (or you see).

1. Server configuration file: RaidenMAILD.ini
2. User file: users.cfg or raidenmaild.mdb..etc.
3. Server log file: You can find detail log (*.dtl) in \Log directory.
4. Correlative configuration file: subjectfilter.cfg, contentfilter.cfg ...etc.
5. Correlative mail file: Save the mail to file (*.eml) and send it to me
6. Captured screen: If the situation can't be explained by words, you can capture it to image file (.BMP is too large, .JPG is better)





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